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Le Camping Le Pré du Roi - Mailly le Château - Yonne

Accueil du lundi au dimanche de 07:30 à 11:30 et de 16:00 à 20:00


Our region offers many activities. Come and discover them and enjoy unforgettable moments filled with thrills....

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Envie d'une balade en Canoë sur L'Yonne, découvrir de nouveaux paysages, alors n'hésitez pas, Pascal a ce qu'il vous faut...

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Envie d'une balade en Canoé sur l'Yonne? 

Venez vivre le Canoë et le Kayak avec Pascal qui vous fera vivre des moments inoubliables.

Au programme : 

Découverte de paysages inaccessibles

Découverte de la faune et la flore locales

Détente entre amis

Et bien plus encore

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©2024 horssentiers-canoekayak


©2024 horssentiers-canoekayak

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©2024 horssentiers-canoekayak

The unmissable "Rochers du Saussois"

Le Pré du Roi is located just a few kilometers from the famous Rochers du Saussois , - Merry sur Yonne -. It's a place  beautiful and breathtaking...

It is also a high place for climbing with preserved and protected flora and fauna. 

Bordered by the Yonne and the Nivernais canal, this top climbing spot offers an unobstructed view of the valley.

L e Saussois is about 2 hours by car from Paris on the banks of the Yonne, in the town of Merry-Sur-Yonne

From the campsite, take the direction of Chatel-Censoir, then travel a few kilometers (less than 5).

For the approach, impossible to get lost, the cliffs are just above the road: access is from above. The road passes on the plateau, and easy corridors then allow you to reach the foot of the routes. You can therefore abseil or top-rope down the routes at your leisure!

Funambulisme et escalade au Saussois- Camping le Pré du Roi** - Mailly Le Chateau
Rocher du saussois - Camping le Pré du Roi** - Mailly Le Chateau

The Saussois is made up of limestone walls about fifty meters high, the rock there is compact and brittle, the holds are made of small holes (many  one-finger, two-finger and three-finger ). The routes are generally difficult and often athletic.

(Source: Wikipedia)

Escalade au Rocher du Saussois- Camping le Pré du Roi** - Mailly Le Chateau

©FFME  Yonne

Hot air balloon rides

If you wish to take advantage of an unobstructed view of our Burgundian landscapes, and enjoy their wealth, then you have the possibility of making hot-air balloon flights throughout the season.  

Several departures take place in different villages.

Vézelay vue de Montgolgfière Départ du Camping le Pré du Roi** - Mailly Le Chateau
Balade en Montgolfière départ de Mailly Le chateau.JPG
Montgolfière au dessus des cultures de Mailly Le château - Départ du Camping le Pré du Roi** - Mailly Le Chateau


Basilique de Vézelay Vue du ciel.JPG


Do you have vertigo?

If you have vertigo, then do not hesitate: other alternatives are available  to you :

There are several baths  supervised in the surroundings, you can then refresh yourself in complete safety. You can also relax on a canoe or boat trip.

Balade en canoe sur L'Yonne pont du camping de Mailly Le château

Without further ado, come and enjoy all this wealth and these activities...

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