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The Telethon at the Le Pré du Roi campsite** went perfectly, and would particularly like to thank and associate the organizers as well as the participants in the success of the event organized this Saturday, August 06, 2022 for the benefit of the Telethon.

Special thanks to Emmanuelle Boudin, Michèle, Laurence DS, Géraldine, Jean Michel. P of the Mailly le Château Village association, Didier, Mélanie, the firefighters of Mailly le Château, the ASCMC paint, and its manager Mr. Patrick RAUX, Laurence. D, Jean-Michel. D and of course, the Mayor, Jean Michel GODEFROY.

Once again, the generosity of our campers and other participants was exercised spontaneously through donations and the many activities and events offered by our volunteers (Makeup, Painting, Creation of jewellery, snack bar, etc……).

Your commitment and your motivation were a key factor in the success of this event. 

The benefits of this afternoon will very soon be donated to the Telethon.

The King's Meadow - Mailly Le Château

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