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                 The Château de Mailly, an original fortified bastion still surrounded by its medieval ramparts, dominates the Burgundy countryside overlooking the rivers of the Yonne and the Nivernais canal. Perched on the edge of a cliff, the castle enjoys breathtaking views for miles.

Inside the fortified walls, five buildings surround a central courtyard. The oldest structures, the vaulted cellars, date  of the Middle Ages are  now converted into spacious suites with monumental fireplaces and decorated with period furniture.

Built on top of medieval cellars, this early 19th century residence has terraces on both sides, overlooking the countryside and village below.

On the other side of the courtyard are two adjoining 17th century buildings, known as the commons. The ground floor originally housed the stables with the servants' quarters above.


St Adrian's Church

It is a relay church of the archdiocese of Sens-Auxerre , classified as historical monuments. It is in the 12th century ogival style, with three naves.  

Its originality lies above all in its facade: portal of average apparatus framed by two high buttresses supporting a  pinion  triangular.

In the upper third, there is a gallery of four ogival arcades separated by thin columns (early 14th century) against which lean the statues of different characters.

Some are meant to represent serfs, while the central work evokes the Countess Mahaut ( Countess of Nevers  and daughter of  Pierre de Courtenay ) who granted the  postage charter in 1223.

(Source: Wikipedia)

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wolf fountain

Old fountain with buckets, then with wheels, then with feet, remodeled in 1992, by Yves Varanguin. It is baptized "Fountain of the Wolf" because of the hydrophobic child-eating wolf, lying above the column, condemned, in order to expiate his crimes, to eternally fill the basin with all the tears of his body. This fountain is located at the entrance to the Bourg-Bas bridge in Mailly-le-Château, Yonne, Burgundy, France

(Source: Wikipedia)


The Chapel of St Nicolas - Patron Saint of fishermen


The lower village

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Chapel seen from the Yonne


Service Name

Located on the oldest bridge in the Yonne department (12th century, rebuilt in the 15th century), this small chapel also dates from the 15th century.

Dedicated to Saint Nicolas, patron saint of floats and sailors, this chapel is the only one that still exists on a bridge in the whole department of Yonne.

Covered with a slate roof, this chapel houses an altar on which sits a statue of Saint Nicolas.

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